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Pest Control Thailand

Pest Management Services

We encase a house to protect it against ants, cockroaches, ticks, spiders, centipedes and scorpions. We treat the inside to form a defensive perimeter against invasive pests. So a protective barrier of residual, long lasting insecticide is applied. In order to do this successfully, you must be able to understand your pests. We also use Pest Management to protect their assets against destructive Termite Invasion.

When we inspect a commercial kitchen premises, we look at why that premises has been invaded to try and modify the environment to make their unwanted guests not welcome. This is called Integrated Pest Management. We advise on hygiene issues, identify any breaches in the structure of the premises and advise modification. Because if you do not do any of these, no matter how much insecticide you apply, they will keep on coming back!!! This is the difference between US and "Local Thai Companies."


Building Inspections

Thailand has a massive termite problem that causes millions of Baht worth of damage each year. Most western people have not experienced the destructive nature of termites, unless you have lived in countries such as Australia and America. This is often overlooked and under-estimated.

A building inspection is a thorough inspection of all accessible areas of a building to determine its overall condition and defects. Creepy Crawly Pest Control's building inspections are undertaken by qualified, experienced professionals to ensure that the customer has a detailed knowledge of the structural adequacy and condition of the property. We are the only company in Thailand qualified to carry out these inspections to Australian Building Standards 3660.

Buying and maintaining a property is a major financial investment. When buying a new home/investment property, you should have a termite inspection. Having these inspections before negotiations commence helps you know exactly what condition the property is in and what needs to be spent on it. This can increase your bargaining power.

Your chosen property may appear to suit your needs, but serious problems and costs may be hiding in the woodwork - literally! A building and pest inspection is one of the most important services homebuyers can use. A regular yearly inspection could save you a considerable amount of money in the future, by highlighting potential problems. We will then come up with a solution to any risks with a free quotation, if required.

So contact us now to find out how a termite inspection can save you money.


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